Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Phone Call

               It was a quick conversation, which was to be expected now that we were both adults. Gone were the days of post-midnight rendezvous in the living room, staying up to hours normally off-limits to the sober, talking about life’s great mysteries. Back then women were a mystery, as was the future, gay marriage, politics, God and purpose. All was uncertainty. But the uncertainty was not to be feared. No, we played like hatters with mercury, rolling the boundless, limitless lives we led around the folds of our minds, conjuring up great webs of silver dialogue. The uncertainty led to creation at its purest. It made us the Gods of all ideas. Yet the uncertainty gradually flaked away, the iron edges of the cookie cutter descended upon us, and like hesitant infants ripped from the blessed womb we emerged as adults.  


  1. You make growing up sound so limited and insufficient. It is so much more than that. You now have to power to truly create and inspire. Continue on mad hatter ;)